Monday, February 04, 2008

Have you ever had one of those days where you're constantly busy, but accomplish very little? I woke up this morning intending to go to kick-boxing, but didn't quite get out of bed in time. I did a couple of small errands then settled in at home, hoping to work on a side project which I've been neglecting for days. No sooner had I sat down than a friend called wanting to meet for a quick lunch. I did that, came home, and my maid was there. It's hard to get anything accomplished while someone is cleaning your house. I had just started setting things up to work when I realized it was time to head over to the paying job. I have now been here for about 5 hours and have accomplished very little. I keep getting interrupted and distracted, having to go seek out footage, bumping into people in the hallway.

And Wally keeps bothering me. Suddenly, despite the other 10 people in the office, he needs MY attention and has been relentless about getting it. Neediest. Dog. Ever. He keeps bumping the door to my edit bay open and I can't work with it like that. He doesn't want to come in, but if I latch the door all the way, I will eventually hear him bump into it with his nose again. What do you do when your dog comes and looks at you like this? You can't ignore him!

Even now, I find myself distracted with the need to blog before the day has passed. Sigh. One more day of work, then it's off to the mountains and fresh powder for two days. If you need me, this is where I'll be:


Blogger Diane said...

I feel like I have many days like that lately, which I think is contributing to my general malaise . . . I get that look too - it mean she wants yet another treat . . .

6:37 AM  
Blogger LA said...

You're right. That face is impossible to ignore. And why would you want to?

10:15 AM  

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