Saturday, May 24, 2008

I believe I've mentioned before that the women's league this season is pretty horrific. Aside from the extremely late game slots, a new team was created and people got moved around. The league claimed they were trying to create "parity" in a division that was pretty evenly matched already. The result is two teams that are absolutely horrible, two teams that fall in the middle and can kick the ass of the horrible teams, and two teams that are very good, who can pretty much kick any teams ass. We might lose to a better team 1-6 one week, only to turn around and beat a lesser team 9-0 the next (as happened this week). I would have rathered it happened against a better opponent, but I did finally obtain my first hat trick, coming up with three goals and three assists in the game. It would have been much more enjoyable if the other team had been the least bit competitive.

I've done virtually nothing today. I had some work to make up, then went to a yoga class with a neighbor. I came home intending to do the dishes, the laundry, and go grocery shopping (I've been out of food for a week). All I did was watch some old movies on TV, a rental DVD that was mediocre (Martian Child with John Cusack) and watch Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals. I really hope the Penguins bring a little more to the table next game.


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Yeah, Pitt didn't look good at all last night!

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