Friday, September 05, 2008

Another week has come to its end. I've felt off kilter all week. I'm not sure if it's because we had Monday off, because I spent Tuesday at the courthouse in fear of being called as a juror, or because I've spent the rest of the week having problems concentrating with work while trying to keep one wary eye on a puppy that can't be trusted. I was nearly going to write that we had a successfully Gracie-free day as far as anything being destroyed...until I went downstairs 5 minutes ago to find her chewing on the non-skid mat that goes under the carpet. Man, she loves chewing on that! Half the time she's doing something wrong, that's what she's doing.

I'm not sure if I mentioned my car repair from a couple of weeks ago. I'd been having problems with my brakes and it turns out they needed to be replaced. Plus the rotors, or whatever that is. AND...I had forgotten to take my car in for its last service (an expensive one). $1000 was the grand total for that day. Then two days ago, I start to get a warning on my car that "Anti-Skid Service Is Required." I took it in today...for another $650. Sigh. This car has generally run well and not been expensive. I guess when it rains it pours. Maybe I should just let Gracie have at the car.


Blogger LA said...

Maybe I should just let Gracie have at the car.

That reminds me of this story. My landlady used to rent out a spot in the 4-car garage to someone who wanted to store their Corvette. The leasor/leasee relationship ended when the landlady's pitbull puppy chewed through the fiberglass of said Corvette.

I think you're going to have to keep Gracie in your field of vision at all times (and crated the rest of the time) until she grows out of the chewing age; that and the old "substitution method" of teaching a dog not to chew anything but their toys.

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