Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter to those of you who celebrate it. I don't, so I'm using today to catch up on some much needed rest and to do my laundry. For those of you who didn't catch it this week, check out this video from Southpark wherein Stan asks what coloring eggs has to do with Easter:

Yesterday was a weird day. I've been moonlighting this weekend for a company that does a lot of shows for HGTV. I love working there, and I find editing those shows very relaxing and stress free. But I had to work yesterday, and also had tickets to see the Kings. I forgot the Kings game was at 1pm, so I had to go to work, then leave to see the game, and then go BACK to work. It was really odd to have to go back to work after watching the game. I had seats in a section where the rows were really close together so I had no leg room at all. To make matters worse, this really huge guy sat in the seat next to me, so I had to sit really awkwardly over to the other side. This angle resulted in a knot in my neck and a headache that lasted until this morning. On the upside, we beat Phoenix in the battle of who would end up in last place in our division. Whoo-hoo! We didn't come in last! I guess that's the biggest victory the Kings will have this season.

The song for the day is "All I Need" by Jack Wagner off his 1984 album of the same name. I'm so geeky that I actually bought this record when it was only a 5-song EP. I watched Wagner as "Frisco" Jones on General Hospital when this song came out and became a huge hit (charting at #2 in the U.S.). I thought this song was all that, but when I listen to it now, I think it's pretty boring and schmaltzy. Back in the 80s, it seemed like a lot of soap stars were trying to cross over to recording artists. I'm not sure if that still happens since I don't watch soaps OR listen to pop music.


Blogger Diane said...

Thanks for the Southpark video! Have you ever read David Sedaris' Me Talk Pretty One Day? While he is taking french lessons in France, he and his fellow students must try to explain to a Muslim woman student about Easter - in broken French. Sedaris is generally brilliant, and that is some of his best.

That looks like a cool company to do some side work for, and Jack Wagner was very cute on the soap opera - BTW - he is also one of the best celebrity golfers around, and probably is the best of the non-ex-athlete entertainers.

5:03 PM  
Blogger LA said...

You edit for Pie Town? I'm an HGTV addict. I love Househunters. Do you edit for Design on a Dime? I hear through the grapevine that those designers didn't get along at all behind the scenes. I guess they have new DOD teams now.

6:07 PM  

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