Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I have to admit, the fact that I've been off work and not interacting with anyone, reading or watching the news, or doing anything of interest has made it difficult to make an interesting blog. Today I finished cleaning up my garden. It took another 2 1/2 hours and another two Hefty bags. At least it looks 1000 times better, even if there still are roots to some weeds. Wally should be much happier now that he doesn't have to take a machete with him to go take a leak. I also went to the chiropractor. (Chiropractors are much better than dentists). Finally, I also went running again. Very slowly. Yawn. Boring, boring day.

I did read that President Bush (do I really have to keep calling him "president"?) vetoed the stem-cell research bill. It's times like this that I really, REALLY would like to just bitch slap the guy. (Not that I would, Homeland Security People).

The song of the day is "Wild Horses" by Gino Vanelli off his 1986 album Big Dreamers Never Sleep. I have to be honest - I don't know a thing about Vanelli, except that he's the guy who sang "I Just Wanna Stop." In fact, until I looked him up on Wikipedia, I didn't realize he was Canadian. After reading the entire Wikipedia article, I still don't have anything interesting to report about him. What a boring guy. This is one of those songs I discovered going through old 45s at the radio station I used to work at. I liked this song at the time and lifted the single. I found it a few months ago and played it, only to be disappointed. This is truly proof that I will soon need to resort to reusing artists for the song of the day.


Blogger Diane said...

Photo please of your garden! If, hypothetically, you were to bitch slap W, I might, hypothetically, keep watch for you to do it

9:40 PM  
Blogger Kings Fan said...

I spent most of the morning cleaning up the front of my house and went to far as to hire a landscaper to kill the back and start all over with some durable sod. It's now going to be up to me to keep it alive. Better get the paddles...

I understand that the reason behind your songs of the day are that they represent a memory in your youth - which is very admirable. But instead of using some of the same songs or artists, how about just putting song that you like and maybe an episode in your life in which that songs takes you back to. I'm just saying...

10:44 AM  
Blogger LA said...

Hear, hear on bitch-slapping the idiot in the White House.

I hate that stem cell research has been politicized so thoroughly. The very words "stem cells" bring on a knee-jerk reaction in people now, and I guarantee 99 percent of people who claim they are against it (Bush included) don't have the slightest understanding what it is.

As the daughter of someone who watched her father die of Alzheimer's, this is one issue I go to the mat over.

12:33 PM  

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