Friday, August 03, 2007

I finally saw the latest Harry Potter movie yesterday. I feel like I wisely waited until the right time, as there we only about 8 people in the theater. The movie was perfectly enjoyable and just as good as all the other Potter films. I saw a trailer for what looks to be a really good movie that's coming out soon. It's called Charlie Bartlett, and tells the story of a high school boy who has been kicked out of a string of private schools. With no other choices, his mother enrolls him in public school where he ends up conning his way into playing psychiatrist for all the other students. It stars Anton Yelchin, who I've really enjoyed as Byrd on Huff, and Robert Downey Jr. If you're interested, here's the trailer:

The song of the day is "Talking in Your Sleep" by The Romantics off their 1983 album In Heat. I've never bought a Romantics album, but I do love me their single hits. I'm surprised they didn't have more than a few hits with their cool music videos and catchy musical hooks. They were especially cool because their drummer also sang lead. Not many bands can make that claim!


Blogger Diane said...

I once saw the Romantics play at the Palladium. Catchy tunes for the radio; not too impressive live

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