Friday, August 24, 2007

When I payed for my dinner at Rubio's this evening, I got three brand new shiny one dollar coins as change. I'm a big fan of the one and two dollar coins, because it seems like every single foreign country I've ever visited has them and they seem, for some reason, to be easier to use. The U.S. Mint keeps making new and different dollar coins every few years, but they seem to give up in frustration when the dollar coins aren't embraced. I'm not sure who hasn't yet figured out that if you want people to use the dollar COINS you need to stop making the dollar BILLS.

This nerdy looking 17-year-old is George Hotz of Glen Rock, NJ - the wonder boy who became the first to unlock the iPhone making it possible to be used by service providers other than AT&T. Currently, T-Mobile is the only other major carrier in the US that is compatible with the phone's cellular technology, called GSM. However, smaller companies use the technology, and it is the primary technology for mobile phones in Asia and Europe. Hotz used a soldering iron to modify the inside of the phone, along with some software hacks. He posted the hack on his blog today, and a second phone which he unlocked was put up for sale on eBay. I can only assume all the bids are bogus at this point, since the price when I checked it was at nearly a billion dollars. The young Hotz spent about 500 hours and most of his summer vacation working to unlock the phone.

Hey! I just noticed that there's now an "Add Video" option on Blogger. I'll have to find something to upload to see how that works.

The song of the day is "Purple Rain" by prince off the 1984 soundtrack album from his movie of the same name. I must admit, I've never been a huge Prince fan, but have really enjoyed some of his music, including this song. I can also say I've never seen this movie all the way through. I doubt it's worth it, but some of you may think differently. At any rate, a great song, from a great soundtrack.


Blogger Diane said...

I think part of the problem with the dollar coins is that your every day cash register doesn't have a coin section to allot to the dollar and 2 dollar coins . . .

that kid will be a billionaire before I even start to tap my IRAs

I saw Prince open for the Stones in the early '80s - I'm not a huge fan either but I thought he rocked the house at the Super Bowl this year

9:34 PM  
Blogger LA said...

The bids are up to 99 billion. The bidding history is hysterical.

10:38 PM  
Blogger M-M-M-Mishy said...

I love all things Prince.

Canada got rid of one and two dollar bills when I was very young, so I barely remember them. I like our loonies and toonies.

8:41 AM  
Blogger Kelly J. Compeau said...

I hate the 1 & 2 dollar coins we have here in Canada. They're bulky, heavy, and make too much noise when they slap together in my pocket or at the bottom of my purse.

I had a purple passion for Prince back in the mid 80s but not so much anymore. His passive-agressive personality and attitude toward women (as tools and products to be used and toyed with i.e. Vanity, Apollonia, Sheena Easton) just rubbed me the wrong way.

12:20 PM  
Blogger Ryan said...

Mr. Hotz had a little too much time on his hands this summer. You know that iPhone is loaded with porn.

1:52 PM  
Blogger LA said...

Check it out... the guy ended the ebay bidding because of all the fraudulant bids and traded the phone for a car. He leaves for college tomorrow. Good on him!

3:47 PM  
Blogger Diane said...

edit - when is your charity run???

I think what that kid did is very cool

4:20 PM  

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