Saturday, October 13, 2007

I couldn't have been less prepared to play hockey last night had I tried. First of all, I had to rush home from work to meet my carpooling team mate just to make it to the game on time, so by the time I got to the rink, I hadn't eaten since lunch around noon and our game was at 8pm. Once I hit the ice, I remembered the exposed metal I had stepped on on the bench the previous week, which had dulled my skates making it feel like the ice had never been cleaned. In other words, I was tired and hungry (shaking actually because my blood sugar was low) and wearing dull skates. Early in the first period, I was chasing someone who pulled up remarkably short (impressive, really) and sent me flying into the boards feet first. In the second period, I nearly speared myself with my own stick when I went into the boards with it and broke it - my favorite stick, by the way. I felt like I was moving in horrible slow motion the entire game. Finally, in the last minute of the game, I finally scored a goal for the season. Can it be counted as the "game winning goal" if you're already up 4-2? At any rate, I'm trying to be better prepared for my other game tonight - food is in stomach, skates have been sharpened, but I'll have to do the best I can with my back up stick.

Walking past the televisions in the lobby at work today, I noticed Witness was on, and it was in the middle of my favorite scene. Early in the first act, John Book (Harrison Ford) has the young Amish boy in the police station when the boy sees a photo of the chief of police in a newspaper clipping on the wall. The boy catches Book's eye, and in a scene devoid of dialogue, easily sets the intense tone for the rest of the film. Ford has long been one of my favorite actors (I fell in love with him as a child when I saw him as Han Solo), and seeing that scene reminded me how much I love that movie.

The song of the day is "(What A) Wonderful World" by Sam Cooke off his 1960 self titled album. I came to appreciate took because of this scene in the film where Harrison Ford sings along to it.


Blogger Kelly J. Compeau said...

Sounds like you had a really rough Friday, Tiff. Makes the one I had sound really boring by comparison. I hope you're feeling OK after that crash into the boards.

9:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have had soccer games like that, it's indoor so you do get slammed into a wall. Do really large women play hockey?? Sometimes it is like I have to run a circle around someone to get the ball and a 200+ pound woman knocks me into the wall. It is just impressive that they can run as fast as they do. So much for the assumption that a big person is out of shape.
I love that movie... I think at one point I watched it with you. I have seen it so many times...kinda like lost boys.

12:58 PM  

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