Friday, October 05, 2007

My friend who fosters Ray, the half blind pit bull, attended Karma Rescue's annual fund raising gala last night. Ray was a featured dog, it seems, and they auctioned off a lot of things pertaining to him. For example, people could bid to pay for his surgery, or part of it, as well as for monthly increments of eye drops or doggie day care for his future care. All in all, the organization raised over $4,000 for Ray. Although it sounds like a lot of money, it will go quickly if he's not adopted soon. Here's to hoping Ray finds a permanent home in the near future, and thanks to those of you who donated to his cause.

If you didn't watch the premiere of ABC's Pushing Daisies this past Wednesday, you must start watching! It's the most creative and original show I've seen on television in ages. Pushing Daisies follows the story of Ned (Lee Pace), a young piemaker who has the power of bringing people back to life with the touch of his finger. The story is narrated (at least the pilot was) and is shown in fairy tale imagery. Ned discovers his gift at the age of 9 when he brings his pet dog back to life after it's been hit by a car and killed. Fascinated by his extraordinary gift, Ned continues to test the limits of his talent. All too soon, he realizes there are caveats to his ability. One - if the person he brings back to life stays alive for more than a minute, someone else nearby has to die. Two - once Ned has touched someone and brought them back to life, if he lets them live beyond the golden minute, he can never EVER touch them again, or he will kill them, permanently this time.

Police Detective Emerson Cod (Chi McBride) accidentally discovers Ned's talent, and enlists in a rather macabre partnership ofo crime solving. Cod finds murder victims where a reward is offered and takes Ned down to the morgue to see the body. Ned touches them alive, asks them who killed them, and after receiving the answer, touches them dead again before the 60 seconds is up, so the two can collect the reward money. Unfortunately (or fortunately), the next murder victim ends up being Ned's childhood sweetheart. He is unable to kill her within the 60 seconds and lets her live. Now, the two are falling in love, but are fated to never be able to touch again.

The show is refreshing, and virtual newcomer Lee Pace fits perfectly in the role. I'm hooked after only one episode. If you missed it, you can catch the whole episode streaming at

The song of the day is "Over My Head" by The Fray off their 2005 debut album How to Save a Life. This is one of those discs I bought because I'd heard the song on the radio, and I had a whole list of other discs to buy while I was in the store. Of all the other CDs I bought that day, this was by far the best one. I was happy to find I hadn't wasted money in buying the whole album, as it's more than enjoyable through and through.


Blogger Kings Fan said...

I TiVo'd Pushign Daisies out of curiosity but haven't watched it yet. Not much into the whole fairly tale kind of show, but I'm giving a lot of new shows a shot this year. Thank God for TiVo!

5:00 PM  
Blogger LA said...

The fact that Pushing Daisies takes place in a restaurant called "The Pie Hole" is reason enough to love this show.

I totaly dug it.

9:54 PM  
Blogger Diane said...

I hope the Karma Rescue gala was a HUGE success - they are doing wonderful work . . .

9:52 AM  
Anonymous Kathryn said...

I watched Pushing Daisies on your recommendation. I did really like it. It was totally fresh and the cinematography was great, you were right!

8:08 PM  

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