Saturday, October 27, 2007

I had a women's league game last night. We've been on a little winning streak since our weak start at the beginning of the season. We're in first place right now, but have played one more game than everyone else, so I'm not sure how the points will ultimately even out. At any rate, since there's only 5 teams that are fairly even in skill level, it's easy to be almost last one week and in first place the next. This week, we played a team that was in 4th, but that have one decent ringer who used to play on our team. She cherry picked all game and scored their only three goals. We had a horrible first period and at one point, were 3 goals behind. We ultimately came back to tie it up with no one scoring in overtime. Unlike the NHL, our games can end in a tie. I did have once nice goal where I probably looked like I actually knew what I was doing. One of the opposing Center's kept trying to tie me up by jamming her stick up into my crotch which was super pleasant (in Men's league, this is often known as a "cup check"). At one point, the blade of her stick was actually up my hockey pants and I yelped when I felt it cut into my thigh above my socks (that's pretty high up). Now, I have a 5 inch bruise in the shape of a stick blade across my upper thigh. How attractive. I'm sure you've all been wondering why some lucky guy hasn't snatched me up. Here's an example of a rougher cup check:

Oh - I almost forgot about my favorite part of last night. After the game, my goalie skated up to me and said, "Do you wear #11 for Kopitar? Because you skate just like him!" I laughed for 5 minutes. I'm sure my skating more resembles Kopitar in the middle of some slow-motion stroke or seizure.

Tonight, I'm off to see the Kings play Edmonton with a friend from hockey (from Edmonton) and some of his Edmonton friends. I wonder if I'll be allowed to cheer for the Kings? To that point, I wonder if the Kings will give me anything to cheer about?

The song of the day is "Prophesy" by Remy Zero off their 1998 sophomore release Villa Elaine. This band has a great sound, and it's too bade they broke up after only three albums. I try to forgive them the fact that one of the members was once married to Alyssa Milano.


Blogger LA said...

AWESOME SOTD, Edit. I'm a huge fan of Remy Zero. I was very disappointed they disbanded. I read on myspace that there's talk of doing another album again. I love Prophecy and Gramyre from Villa Elaine.

11:34 PM  
Blogger Diane said...

If you'd gone to the Forum Club in the late '80s, you could have hung out on a regular basis with Alyssa . . . she's thrown her artificial breasts behind baseball players these days

8:18 AM  

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