Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Wally and I took a walk into Old Town today, which is known for being fairly dog friendly. We were welcomed in the Vans store where I needed to exchange a gift I bought my nephew yesterday. We were also more than welcome in Lush. Our last stop was the Three Dog Bakery, Wally's favorite place in all of Old Town. For those of you who have never been, it's a dog bakery where they make things for dogs that look really good, like brownies and eclairs and stuff. Here he is trying to decide what he wants from the display case. Would he have Scary Kitties? Or perhaps a Labrador Loaf? As it turns out, he wanted both.

Lately, Wally has been balking over getting into my car. He hops up readily to go for a ride, but whenever it's time to go home, whether it's in a parking lot in Old Town or the parking lot at work at 1am, he just doesn't want to get in. He sits down, lays down, won't let me lift him, and no amount of cajoling will get him into the car - not even treats. I can't figure out if he's getting older and it's harder for him to get in the car? Or if he's just being truculent and stubborn. Either way, I need to figure out how to fix the problem.

The song of the day is "Cherry Pie" by Warrant off their 1990 album of the same name. I'd like to point out here that I've never liked many hair bands, especially not Warrant, and very especially not this song. Why use it as the song of the day then, you ask? Last Saturday, I was carpooling to my hockey game with Jeff and Dean (my usual car pool buddies) and a new guy on the team, Ryan. Ryan is about 15 years younger than us. He's a kid, right out of college, and I can only imagine how boring it is for him to carpool with old people like us. So we're in the car and his phone rings. He picks it up before even a whole bar had gone by and Dean and I both look at each other and say, "Was that 'Cherry Pie'?" Ryan said that it was. I told him he wasn't nearly old enough to remember Warrant, and he said, "No - I really like those old hair bands." When I was young and in school I liked music from 20 years earlier, too, but THAT music was The Beatles. It's sad to think that any kid now who likes music from 20 years ago has a good chance, like Ryan, of being influenced by hair bands. At least I had the chance to be influenced by something great. I weep for the future. Sniff.


Blogger Diane said...

Salt Water Licks is our local dog bakery. Wally appears to be much better behaved than Hanna. Add in a second dog, and it is a relaxing trip for all!

Well, if his hips were bothering him, he'd display the same reticence on the trip out . . .

7:02 PM  
Blogger M-M-M-Mishy said...

He's probably just hoping for a second trip to the bakery before going home.

I like that your city has so many dog-friendly shops.

6:35 AM  
Blogger LA said...

I love, love, love that first picture where you snapped Wally from behind, looking at the treats.

We've got Wiskers here in Long Beach. It's down on 2nd Street in Belmont Shore, check it out if you bring Wally to the Belmont Shore dog beach (Granda & Ocean).

12:44 PM  

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