Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Hello Mac Book Air! Steve Jobs announced the new Apple laptop today during his Macworld keynote address. The amazingly thin laptop weighs in at only 3 lbs. and measures only 3/4" at its thickest point. It's powered by a Core 2 duo Intel chip running at both 1.6 and 1.8Ghz, and sports an 80G internal hard drive. The only thing lacking in this sweet looking laptop is an optical drive. I think I would really miss the CD/DVD drive when installing software. The Macbook Air will allow you to jump onto another optical drive on a computer in your same network, however. Still, I think I'd like to wait and see how they end up working out. If you're as excited by this laptop as I am, you should gather your $1799 together and run to the Apple store where they will be available in two weeks.

The internet is an amazing place. I've always enjoyed keeping in touch with old friends and the internet makes it just that much easier to stay in touch or find friends you've lost contact with. People are always telling me how impressed they are that I'm still friends with so many people I knew in Junior High or even Elementary School. I had a friend from way back who I was quite close with at one time. We completely lost touch. Out of all the people I've ever known, I always regretted that we had lost touch and have often wondered what he's been up to with his life. Because he's never been particularly technical and has no web presence, I pretty much wrote him off and felt confident that I would never, ever see or hear from him again. Cut to two days ago when I signed up for a popular online networking site. I did a few random searches, and lo and behold, there he was! Coincidentally, he had only signed up for the same site in November. It was like kismet. I sent him a message and was surprised when he responded right away, and before the end of yesterday, we were talking on the phone for an hour and catching up. I'd e-mailed him my phone number. When the phone rang, I picked it up and said, "Hello?" On the other end of the line, from 1,000 miles away, I heard laughter - his laughter - and I knew immediately who it was. It was great catching up with him. It was almost like finding out someone I had given up for dead was instead very much alive and well. Hopefully, we will stay in touch this time.

Yes, the internet is an amazing thing.


Blogger Diane said...

Yo. I'm blogging from my iphone! The apple folks are very helpful. Now if I can just figure it all out!

8:14 PM  
Anonymous madeline said...

Don't lose touch with those dear to you!

6:30 AM  
Blogger M-M-M-Mishy said...

I'm putting myself on a Facebook limit. I'm ashamed to admit that I'm too addicted.

But I've caught up with lots of people!

5:58 PM  

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