Sunday, January 06, 2008

6am came early this morning. That's when I had to get up to go snowboarding, and I didn't get to sleep until after midnight. I'm no 5 hour a night person - I need my 8 hours. Still, I felt reasonably alert when we headed off to the mountain. Since it's been pouring rain down here, new snow has been dumped in the mountains and there was a ton of powder at Mountain High. I found it to be harder to maneuver in, but when I fell, it didn't hurt at all. Halfway through the morning, the snow was really coming down and by the time we'd get off the chair lift we'd be covered in it. I had a lot of fun today and didn't fall nearly as often as I have previously. I'm looking forward to getting back up there some time soon.

While my dish has not been upgraded to HD yet, a friend loaned me his extra HD DVD player and the HD copy of Bladerunner he has. It's nice to finally see how great my television looks! I've always loved Bladerunner but it's been over a decade since I've seen it in its entirety. Seeing it on a 42" high def screen is amazing. I remember 25 years ago viewing a new VHS tape on a 27" television and thinking, "Wow! This is just like being in the theater!" Things have really changed.


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