Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I had a great time today hanging out with my friend, Winston, here in Canada.  Started out the morning by walking around the neighborhood and grabbing a quick breakfast while he was at the gym.  Then he drove me around town a bit, where we visited the Anthropological museum at UBC.  It was really cool with lots of native american carvings, including totem poles and things of that sort, and I've always loved that sort of art.

Since Madeline was asking about the ski conditions at Cypress Mountain, I should say it was hot and the snow got a bit slushy by the afternoon.  They had some good beginners runs that ran long so you could just carve all day long.  I tried to take some of the intermediate runs, which I haven't had a problem with on other mountains, but found the steeper slopes riddled with moguls - no fun for a snowboarder.  In fact, I would randomly come across areas with moguls even on the beginner's run, which was annoying.  I'd have a bunch of speed up and then hit the moguls and went airborne a few times, much to my dismay (since I don't know how to land). I'm sure if I had scouted out the rest of the mountain I would have found much better runs.

This afternoon, we took Winston's dog, Claire, for a long walk through the woods.  She is a ery cool, adorable retriever of some sort.  I think she and Wally would be fast friends, they both love tennis balls AND the water!

And then this evening, we went out to a sports bar to watch the Canucks/Wild game, which the Canucks won in overtime so it was a decent game to watch, even though we were concerned in the middle of the game.

Tonight - time to kick back and relax.  Would post some photos, but forgot to bring the cable to connect my digital camera.  I'll have to post them when I get back.


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sounds like a very, very nice day

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