Saturday, September 06, 2008

I think it was a nice day out. It's hard to tell. First thing this morning, I went to the dentist for a routing cleaning to find out I have four cavities. FOUR!! What the hell?

Then, I went home and worked inside for the remainder of the day on this indie film I've been editing for what seems like forever. I just finally went outside a half hour ago and went for a run in the dark. It was actually the perfect temperature for it.

I have a weekend trip to Seattle planned in a week and just found out that the Portland Winterhawks (Junior hockey) have an exhibition game that weekend against the Seattle Thunderbirds, and my friend, Rob, went and got us tickets. Woo-hoo! Hockey season begins!


Blogger Diane said...

Have you been eating cotton candy for breakfast?

8:14 AM  

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