Wednesday, January 24, 2007

As a testament to the fact that I have worked too many days in a row, I realized this morning that I'm not up to 20 days yet. Today is only my 17th straight day. I will finally some days off this weekend. I'm taking advantage of the spare days by taking a much needed trip home to Portland, though it will be an incredibly short trip. I'm flying in Saturday morning and leaving Monday night. Because of tonsil surgery, I wasn't able to make it home this past Christmas, so I hadn't been up since Christmas 2005. My aunt subtly sent me an e-mail letting me know Southwest was having a sale on airfare between Burbank and Portland, so I took the hint.

Since the trip will be so short, and there are many people I haven't seen in a long time, I decided to try to get as many people as possible together in the same place at the same time. My mom has rented the rec room in her condo complex for Saturday afternoon and we're having an early birthday party for me there. Besides my family, which I'll be happy to see, I invited several old, old school friends that I still keep in touch with, and some of them I haven't seen in years. I've always tried to keep in contact with people I really like, and feel very fortunate to still be in touch with the people I liked the best from my adolescence. To this day, one of my very best friends is a guy I met when I was 10. He'll be there, along with the others. I don't think we've all been together in one place since probably junior high. The thing I like the most about having stayed in touch with these friends is getting to see them grow and change in adulthood. I've seen them go through marriages, kids, divorces, second marriages, coming out of the closet, drug addiction, rehabilitation, and just plain growing up. I'm really looking forward to seeing everyone.

This is a very special Wally Wednesday because I have video! Here's Wally playing with Molly from last Sunday at work. They played like this for literally 4 hours or so. It was like 2 bulls in a china shop. Look at those wagging tails!

The song for today is "Africa" by Toto off their 1982 album Toto IV. I was never a huge fan of Toto, but I liked a few of their songs including this one. I think I actually liked the video more than the song, and it's another one of those songs that always takes me back to the very early days of MTV.


Blogger Diane said...

Have a great trip home, and thanks for the fun video! Happy dogs are the best!

8:46 AM  
Blogger LA said...

I bet both those doggies slept well that night!

What a great trip you're taking. I am still in touch with a group of half-dozen girls from high school and we get together 2-3x a year for meals. It used to be more often, but once they all started having kids (except me), the frequency began to decrease. Enjoy your time off, you certainly earned it!

12:43 PM  

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