Saturday, January 20, 2007

Sorry for the late post. It's Saturday, and I'm in at work again. All weekend as a matter of fact. It will be 19 straight days before I have a day off. There's nothing like being thrown right into the fire for your first episode. There have been a lot of setbacks, most of which I can't go into, but they're finally done shooting. Unfortunately, they shot the big closing argument on the last day of shooting, when the call time was noon and they worked until after 2am. They also printed over 7 hours of film. Because of the late hour that the film got to telecine, they actually weren't able to transfer it all, so I sat around doing a lot of nothing yesterday, knowing I would get hit with all this film today. I'm getting through the closings...slowly, tediously, and painfully.

I'm irritated because my one New Year's resolution was to play more hockey this year, and I've already missed two games because of work and will miss two more this weekend. Bugger. If only somehow I could get the Universe to cough up a 36 hour day for me. Then everything would be easier.

I wrote earlier about the very cool and slim calling cards you can order through Moo. I finally got them in the mail yesterday and they are as cool as can be. I've always had business cards, but I almost never hand them out. They have too much unnecessary information on them and they're cheap and boring. Not so with the Moo's mini cards. They're made of incredibly nice card stock and are well worth the $19.99 I paid for 100 cards. You can upload as many as 100 different pictures to put on the front of your card. I used 5 different photos of Wally (of course). I can't wait to show people. I'd post a photo here but I haven't had the chance to take one.

Since I mentioned GTR yesterday, the song for today is "Send Down An Angel" by Bronze. I doubt you've ever heard of them, and I'm pretty sure this is the only song they had that was even marginally known. The song comes from their 1983 release Taken By Storm. As I mentioned yesterday, their lead singer, Max Bacon, went on to further obscurity with the "supergroup" GTR. I was just looking for their album artwork and couldn't believe it when I found that they STILL have a website! I was doubly shocked when I checked YouTube and found the video online. I guess there really ARE a lot of people with time on their hands. Thank God for them! Oh yeah...that's Emma Thompson in the video, too.


Blogger Diane said...

Those card look very cool! I think I'll order some too. And here's hoping you get on the ice soon!

4:33 PM  
Anonymous Kathryn said...

can't wait to see the cards. sorry you're having to work so hard right away.

1:17 PM  

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