Saturday, April 14, 2007

I have a decent amount of work to do at home this weekend, but am hoping to get some much needed relaxation in. I have the DVDs of "Blood Diamond," "Casino Royale" and "Prestige" here, so I'm hoping to get through at least one of them, and begin Season 4 of The Shield. I also have "The Godfather" here, which I've been meaning to watch (I've actually never seen it), but I can't seem to bring myself to do it yet.

This morning, I'm off to get a haircut (also much needed). With work as it is, I usually only have time to get a few haircuts a year - usually once in July or August when the season starts, once at Christmas break, and then in May as soon as the hiatus starts. I just can't wait until May, however.

Those are the boring details for today of my endlessly boring life. I hope everyone is out enjoying the spring weather.

It seems I've been a bit remiss in failing to use any Michael Jackson songs as the song of the day thus far. While I was never much of a Jackson fan, it's hard to ignore the incredible influence he had on pop music of the 1980s. Since I don't have ANY favorite songs by him, I'll use "Thriller" today, off his 1983 album of the same name. As you can see from the album cover art, Michael was once a black man. And while he was always a bit quirky (the white glove and the monkey for God's sake), he didn't used to be quite so eccentric as he is today. Before the alleged pedophilia, and all the weirdness that we know in today's Michael Jackson, he was the King of Pop, completely reshaping music videos and creating a base of fans that seemed would never disappear. I guess everything goes away in the end.


Blogger Diane said...

Off the Wall is a good album too. Shame to see what a good looking young man he used to be . . .

You think you're boring? By 8 am this morning, I had walked the dogs, gone to Home Depot to get some flowers and pots, and done my grocery shopping . . . now I have a big pot of dog stew on the stove - call me crazy!

Have a great weekend, even if it isn't super exciting . . .

p.s. Casino Royale rocks, and I heard the extras - showing how the stunts were done - is very cool

8:24 AM  
Anonymous Kathryn said...

We've got Casino Royale here, too. I LOVE IT!
Don't even get me started on MY boring life that's currently been taken over by potty training. :)

8:28 AM  
Blogger Kelly J. Compeau said...

*Kelly raises her hand*

Boring life here, too!

9:06 AM  
Blogger Diane said...

BTW - excitement isn't always good - after I posted my comment, I went outside to find the old dog my downstairs neighbor is dogsitting for another neighbor was dying . . . we rushed her to emergency, and she is hanging in there on an IV and on antibiotics - so . . . dull is good!

7:48 PM  
Anonymous Jim said...

I've heard all those movies are great, haven't seen them myself but I will.

Boring? who? you? are u kidding me? I think ur the greatest and can't wait for u to come to Australia and give MY life a good pick-me-up hehe

Michael Jackson has great music, ALL his albums [PAST TO PRESENT] rock. His appearance is ...... how can I put this politely - FUCKED.
Michael and Pete Burns [from Dead Or Alive] should date each other. Have u guys seen Pete Burns? Plastic surgery is one thing but Pete is now a woman - check his web site and see what I mean.

1:32 AM  

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