Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Since I've only been working 40 hours a week, and only playing in one hockey league, I've found that I have way to much time on my hands. You would think that I would have taken advantage of all this extra time by doing things like writing, going to the beach, taking Wally on hikes, cleaning up my front yard, etc. However, I've ended up spending my of it doing things like watching several episodes of "The Two Corey's" in a row and napping.

I've decided I need a project, so I want to completely redo my office. This is a good time to do it because since I'm not working on something like BL, I'm not editing at home and using it. Here's a photo of what it looks like right now:

My office has been that color for 5 years, and I'm really tired of it. I wanted to do something bold which is how it ended up like that, but it doesn't match the earth tones of the rest of my house which looks more like this:

I've decided to paint the office some shade of brown. Since I have to move most of the furniture to paint, I thought I'd take advantage of the situation and finally get new carpet put in this room and my bedroom. The carpet is what was originally in there - a horrid shade of light gray which is disgusting and dirty from having a dog in the house who occasionally gets sick (and doesn't always have the sense to do it on the tile). I had thought of getting Design on a Dime to redo the room, since it would be pretty easy to arrange, but a) I'm too much of a control freak to let someone else have that kind of control, and b) I think I swear too much to be on television. I don't think they'd like the big reveal to go something like this: "What the fuck did you guys do?!"

Today, I visited a carpet store and the guy is coming over soon to give me an estimate. I also went to a futon store, since I want to get rid of my little couch and replace it with something my rare guests can actually sleep on. Next, I need to figure out what sort of paint I want to get, and start boxing up everything in my office. I also have a ton of books that are overflowing two bookshelves, and I need to figure out what I want to do about that, since getting rid of the books is not an option. Stay tuned for more decorating updates.

The song of the day is "Black Metallic" by Catherine Wheel off their 1992 debut album Ferment. I really should look into more of the band's music, because I've always loved the sound of this song. This song was the biggest U.S. hit for the UK band. Back in the mid-90s, I became friends with a guitar player in L.A. who used to come over to my house to jam with me on bass. He was a much better bassist and taught me how to play this song on the guitar so he could play the bass line. I wish I could still remember how to play it.


Blogger Kings Fan said...

Still laughing imagining you responding that way after the big reveal. I can totally hear you saying that - which makes it that much funnier.

Did you clean the living room before you took the picture? I ask because there isn't a Diet Coke can on the table.

Happened to see that video just the other day and realized I never really cared for that song. No reason why... go figure.

2:41 PM  
Blogger Diane said...

Your house is much cleaner than mine! I don't know how you withstood that paint for 5 years . . . it's bold alright! I'd go for something lighter - unless having the room dark makes editing easier?

hey - when Design on a Dime does your house, do you have to pay the grand for the costs?

3:21 PM  
Anonymous Kathryn said...

If you want to talk to my friend who did our house, here is her #.
She could maybe give you ideas of good colors and where to get great deals on shelving and stuff.
She is Design on a Dime without the TV cameras.
Sophie Burgess 626-665-3734

3:51 PM  
Blogger M-M-M-Mishy said...

Can't wait to see the final outcomes of your office!

I enjoy Catherine Wheel. Good band.

4:50 PM  
Blogger LA said...

That is exactly what needs to be said on Design on a Dime reveals. Most of them suck harder than a Hoover.

I totally dig that Catherine Wheel song. It's one I had completely forgotten about.

Looking forward to watching your design process in action. Maybe Reid can put in his two cents? After seeing pictures of his place, I'd gladly give him free reign in mine.

6:16 PM  
Blogger EditThis said...

Diane - The show pays for the $1K. You should totally do it...

Kings Fan - There's not ALWAYS a Diet Coke can on my...nevermind, who am I trying to kid?

La - I'm sure if you fly Reid down, he will be happy to give you design advice. :)

9:39 PM  
Blogger VirtualProducer said...

I love the color of your office but understand the need for change. Being there for me feels like being in a Disney movie.

With Reid you never know, you may come home to your entire house looking like his laundry room..YIKES! -just kidding

11:30 PM  
Blogger Kelly J. Compeau said...

I love the colour it is now. "Violent Violet", I call it.

But if you want the room to match the rest of the house, something in the chocolate range (milk to dark) would be very nice.

I look forward to seeing the results of your make-over.


9:59 AM  

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