Friday, April 04, 2008

I don't have much going on this Friday, other than sitting in front of the TV watching other teams racing for playoff spots in the race for the Stanley Cup. It's all very exciting except that the Kings will soon be done. This is a good thing, for this season. I've gotten to the point where it's too painful to watch them. So I tried to adopt the Vancouver Canucks in the middle of the season, and last night they lost their chance to get into the playoffs (I hope this isn't because I adopted them). Now I have no team to root for. Does anyone have any suggestions? (And I swear to god, you'd better not say The Ducks).


Blogger Auburn Kat said...

I am of no help as the Sabres didn't make the playoffs.

8:32 PM  
Blogger Kings Fan said...

I want to thank you for adopting the Canucks because I really didn't want them in the post-season. My three teams all blew this season (Kings, Blackhawks and Islanders), but if you want to root for a team, pick an underdog and ride them as far as they can go. There's nothing more exciting than seeing an underdog beat a team everyone expects to win.

Hey Auburn, sorry about the Sabres. I have a buddy of mine who's from Buffalo and he stopped talking about them. In fact, he just got a job working for the San Jose Sports Authority, so he's adopted the Sharks. Also helped that they traded for Brian Campbell right when he got there, so he's got an ex-Sabre to cheer for.

10:33 AM  
Blogger LA said...

'Fraid I can't help, but I do have a question, and I'm totally serious.

Are the Kings and Ducks that big of cross-town rivals, like UCLA and USC, i.e., you have to have one team if you love the other? Or do you just hate the Ducks?

LA - Clueless about hockey culture

11:41 AM  
Blogger Kings Fan said...

LA, I think in the last few years, their rivalry has gotten much more heated. I personally can't stand the Ducks, and I live just a few miles from the Honda Center. I've been to several Ducks games over the years and personally can't stand the conversations I hear while at the game. There are parents talking to their neighbors about their kid's soccer game and just don't seem into the game. It's more like a social gathering. Sure, there are rabid Ducks fans (like a virus, I guess), but I'm a lifetime Kings fan (been going to games since I was six - I'm now 44). I guess with the Ducks winning the Cup last year, it makes fans want to pick one side over the other. I'm just saying...

1:08 PM  
Blogger LA said...

Okay, I get it now. Thanks, KF.

4:47 PM  

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