Saturday, May 10, 2008

I took Wally to the vet today and I must admit, the vet was pretty much baffled about his eye. She couldn't figure out what would cause his inner eye lid to swell up like this. Other than the eye, he seemed fine. His appetite was fine (he weighed in at 97 lbs by the way), he wasn't lethargic, and he was happy to play fetch. She thoroughly examined the eye itself and determined it was healthy - no glaucoma, cataracts or the like. She then used a dye and a black light to examine it to see if there were any scratches - there were none. Finally, she put eye drops in to numb the eye ball and used one of those big, medical q-tips to prod the eye and pull the swollen lid back from the eye ball to see if there was anything lodged in there or to try to locate an ulcer. Nothing. She thinks it might be an allergic reaction to something. She gave him a steroid shot and sent us home with some antibiotic/anti-inflammatory eyedrops and we're supposed to go back later this week.

As I was standing at the counter trying to check out, Wally kept pulling himself up to the counter to say hello to everyone and see if there were any spare treats laying around. Who has the worst trained/cutest dog in the world? Me!

I also went to Best Buy today and finally caved in and bought a Blu-Ray DVD player. John and I rented The Golden Compass to watch. He tuned out about 15 minutes in, but I enjoyed watching it, if only for all the cool CGI in hi-def. Was this supposed to be a movie for kids? With magic, talking, armored Polar Bears fighting to the death? Even still - how cool would it be to have a talking, armored Polar Bear at your disposal?


Blogger Jen said...

Jo loved that movie and has read all the books in the series. Wally looks awful, good to hear it soundslike nothing.

11:34 PM  
Blogger Diane said...

poor Wally - glad to hear he's in good spirits!

6:13 AM  
Blogger LA said...

That Wally is just a big kid, isn't he? Glad the vet couldn't find anything serious wrong with him. Sounds like he's well on the road to recovery.

12:13 PM  
Blogger M-M-M-Mishy said...

Poor Wally. I guess it looks worse than it is. Thankfully its nothing too serious.

1:26 PM  
Blogger Kelly J. Compeau said...

Aw, poor Wally. Well, at least he's not in any pain. Hope this clears up soon. I know how worried mothers get when their "babies" are sick.

9:44 AM  

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