Thursday, November 30, 2006

I read this morning that Danny Devito was bleeped on more than one occasion yesterday morning while appearing on The View. You can watch the video here. Granted, he was drunk off his ass, but I can't tell what obscenity he used. It looks like he was bleeped for calling George Bush a "numb-nuts" during an anti-Bush tirade. I can understand the censorship for swearing the tirade, but it seems like they were just censoring his commentary.

As someone who works in television myself, I've come to have a huge problem with the division called "Standards and Practices." I can understand, during certain hours of programming, the need to be watchful of language and certain topics. However, since the Janet Jackson nipple incident, S&P has been especially wary of anything they think might offend someone. I guess my biggest problem with the so-called "Standards" departments is that there IS NO STANDARD. There's no guide book that tells them what can be said and what can't, what can be shown or not - it's up to the general opinion of the particular Standards person assigned to any given show. And it completely differs from network to network.

The show I work on airs after 10pm, yet we are not allowed to show people in the act of sex. Sure, they can be in the afterglow moment, but we've been advised we can not hear the sounds of lovemaking, can not "see him on top of her, " and that "you can either see him go up OR down, but not up AND down." And yet, we can show someone being shot. Tune into "24" and you can see Jack Bauer stab someone in the neck, but what you won't see is him getting a blow job. But watch "Two and a Half Men" on another network, and hear sexual innuendo from beginning to end.

It's a very slippery slope, and the networks don't seem to be loosing up their choke hold. That's my rant for today about the networks.

The song for today is "Red Skies At Night" by the Fixx from the 1982 album Shuttered Room. I've always loved the sound of the Fixx and enjoy all of their other hits, as well. And Cy Curnin was pretty easy on the eyes. I saw them play at a big 80s concert a few years ago, and they still sounded great, and Curnin had a great sense of humor about being able to cash in on music from 20 years ago. Of this song, he said, "What the hell was I on when I wrote this?" and then added, "'s still paying the mortgage!"


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The Janet Jackson nipple episode - I thought it was funny, and it lasted a split second - then they showed it a billion times more. What did I find offensive during the Super Bowl? Ten adds for "ED" - aka, some guys can't get it up . . . how is that appropriate family viewing? Some slightly skeezy older guy eyeing his much younger wife . . .

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