Saturday, January 27, 2007

Here I am in Vancouver, despite the tiny plane I was on. I flew Alaska Air, but it was a small Horizon plane. I actually like the smaller planes because I don't like crowded places. This had 18 rows, 2 on each side. Lots of turbulence on the way in, though, and interestingly enough, a female pilot who looked like she was about 25-years-old. As we pulled out of the terminal, the stewardesses went through their safety directions. I always like how they say, "The plane has been pressurized for your comfort" as if they're doing it as a favor for us passengers. Like, "Hey, if YOU weren't here, we wouldn't bother. We just want YOU to feel more comfortable!"
The approach to Portland was beautiful. All the mountains were covered with snow. Driving into Vancouver, I noticed all of the lawns were covered in frost. I really miss seasons living in Los Angeles.
Oh...and to give you all an update on my cell phone (in case you're on the edge of your seats wanting to hear the outcome) I got it in the mail yesterday. And it was not fixed. In fact, I don't think they did anything to it. The phone itself it completely functional except that the Bluetooth will not activate. I wouldn't mind except that a) I paid $200 for the phone and I expect it to work COMPLETELY, and b) I take pictures with it and send it to my laptop via Bluetooth for this blog sometimes. My point is, they clearly didn't even check to see if the Bluetooth was working before returning it to me.
I called Samsung to find out why they couldn't just give me a replacement phone since it was only 2 months old and they just had it for a month and couldn't seem to fix it. I was informed that "Samsung doesn't replace phones, they only repair them." The third person I talked to finally said that, just for me, they would expedite the repair so I would only be without my phone for another week and a half. I said what happens when I get it back and it's not fixed again? And the guy actually guarantted me there was zero chance of that ever happening again. That had to take balls.
Since I accidentally left home without my iPod, I have to pull some 80s songs from memory for the song of the day while I'm away. For some reason, the one stuck in my head this morning is "Pop Muzik" by M. The song came off the album of the same name, and was actually released in the UK in 1979, hitting the US charts in November of that same year. This is the quintissential roller skating song for me. I remember being at the roller rink wearing my satin powder blue Shaun Cassidy jacket and my Norsport roller skates, eating hot smokies, drinking a graveyard, and skating to this song. This had to be one of the earliest true pop songs that I remember hearing.


Blogger Diane said...

great photo! I actually saw Shaun Cassidy in concert at the Greek in 1978 - he put on a good show, although you couldn't hear a thing with all the girl's screaming (I got suckered into taking my cousin who has a huge Cassidy fan)

10:21 AM  
Blogger LA said...

O.M.G. I can't believe they sent your phone back and it's not fixed. I will totally boycott Samsung on your behalf.

Have a great weekend at home seeing all your old friends, and happy early birthday!

11:26 AM  

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