Friday, February 23, 2007

TGIF. I woke up with a splitting headache this morning, after waking up several times during the night. I'm can think of nothing other than going to sleep tonight and not having to wake up to an alarm clock tomorrow.

Since Wally has this fluid sac now, that needs a hot compress twice a day, I've been taking him to work every day. While he loves going to work, and he loves his new car, he still does not enjoy being in a vehicle for 2 hours a day (nor should he) and being at work really tires him out. This morning, he was so tired, he actually refused to get in the car, so I had to leave him home at the last minute. Now the dog walkers will have to try to put a hot compress on him.

I had enough time last night to watch The Office and Scrubs. While I've always been a big supporter of the Jim/Pam relationship, I've been intrigued this season by the new Roy, who seems to have changed so much since Pam dumped him at the end of last season. However, old Roy reared his ugly head last night. Now, with Pam single again, will she ever hook up with Jim? And what will ultimately happen to Karen if they do get together?

Don't know if I've ever mentioned this, but something made me think of it today, and I thought I'd pass it on because it's an interesting story. Though my family lived in a couple of different houses when I was very young, most of my childhood was spent in the same house in Vancouver. My parents divorced when I was a Junior in high school and my mom, my sister, and I moved into an apartment, but until then, from age 7 to age 17, I lived in that house on 56th ave. Recently, nearly 20 years after we left that house, my sister met a woman through her church who she became very good friends with. She was invited to her home for some get together, only to discover that her friend now lives in the house that we grew up in. My nephews are now very good friends with her kids, and sometimes they spend the night over there. I haven't had a chance to visit for myself, but am looking forward to a time when I'll get to walk through the old house again.

Plans for the weekend: finish up work on the short film, learn how to ride my bike with my feet clipped to it, watch a bunch of The Shield Season 2, sleep, and continue to plan my trip to Australia (I'm actually thinking of buying my plane tickets).

The song for the day is "Under The Milky Way" by The Church off their 1988 album Starfish. This was another discovery in a pile of discarded albums at the radio station, though this song met with some minor commercial success. The Church was one of my first introductions to indie type music. I don't know any other songs they did, though I see on Amazon that they have quite a few albums.


Blogger Diane said...

I hope Wally is all better soon - a sick pet is a sad thing . . .

I had downloaded a couple of episodes of the Office and 30 Rock to my iPod that I watched at airports -

The Office - Phyllis' Wedding episode made me laugh so hard people were staring and I felt the need to explain why I was laughing out loud. Last night Roy went from sympathetic to creep - and I think we can expect an ugly encounter with Jim

30 Rock - OMG - the "Black Tie" episode with Paul Ruebens playing Prince Gerhardt was comic genius!

p.s. have you gotten to the tire collar episode of the Shield yet???

9:17 AM  
Blogger Kings Fan said...

That was pretty cool how your sister ended up meeting the family that lives in your old house. I've always wanted to drive by the house I grew up in and just knock on the door to see who's living there.

The Church was a really good indie band and they had a cool sound. A couple of other bands you could look into are Del Amitri and The Call. They had some commercial success, but are good bands to listen to.

Dare I ask if you are interested in seeing The Police when they come to Dodger Stadium?

9:44 AM  
Blogger EditThis said...

I'm totally interested in seeing the Police, but a) I don't know how on earth I would get tickets, and b) I might be in Oz on that date. Are you going?

9:47 AM  
Blogger M-M-M-Mishy said...

I am anticipating a Jim/Roy showdown. I also was starting to come around to the new Roy. He's much cuter with the beard, and he started to treat Pam better, but then he made that crack at the art show and then the meltdown at the bar was nuts. Could this be the start of a Jim/Pam reunion?

I think it's very cool that you know the people who now live in your old house. Did you live in Vancouver BC or Vancouver Washington?

I hope Wally feels better soon.

11:58 AM  
Blogger EditThis said...

Vancouver, Washington. I can't believe you even knew there WAS another Vancouver.

12:07 PM  
Blogger LA said...

So cool that you have a connection to get into your old house. I'd love that.

Yeah, I think it's going to be a slow road for Pam and Jim, but the ground work is definitely being laid. Jim doesn't really seem that interested in Karen, and she's acting a little insecure and clingy. I'm guessing Pam and Jim hook up (again) on the season finale.

Diane - Phillis' wedding was great!

5:34 PM  
Blogger Ryan said...

The Church kicks some major ass!

Still haven't gotten past Season 1 of the Office. :-( God damn grad school leaves me with about zero free time to indulge in some extra DVD viewing time.

8:55 PM  
Blogger EditThis said...

Ryan - I'm sure when you have a high paying job someday, you'll be glad you did grad school instead of watching the Office. Of course, your life will be richer for having watched the Office.

11:47 PM  
Blogger M-M-M-Mishy said...

Ah, I am a geography wiz!

9:25 AM  

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