Friday, December 28, 2007

It just occurred to me the other day that because I made a lot of 10-99 income this year (I was paid without taxes being taken out of the check) that I may need to buy a big ticket item that I can write off to offset those taxes. A call to my accountant (who happened to be on the ski slopes - oops!) confirmed this. Because of what I do for a living, things like televisions are considered a write off. So Rob and I are headed over to Best Buy today to check out their flat screen TVs. Anyone who has been to my house to watch a DVD knows I'm desperately in need of a new television. It might seem odd, considering my industry, that I still own a 32" standard def 4:3 tube television. It's time to get into the 21st century and buy the flat screen I've always wanted. I hate to do it, but it's on my tax guy's advice! Anyone have any advice? LCD or Plasma? Brands?

Later today, I'm driving up to Centralia to meet with a friend I haven't seen in probably 15 years. From there, the two of us are driving another 30 miles to Olympia to meet with our other friend who is driving down from Seattle. I spent a few years right after high school in Olympia trying to go to college (briefly) and worked with these two guys at the radio station I used to work at. It will be good to see both of them and the only downside is having to go to Olympia.


Blogger NY KAT said...

A new TV sounds like the PERFECT tax write-off!

12:00 PM  
Anonymous kathryn said...

ooooh! Buying without guilt. I love it!
We have an LG 37" flat screen. It's the same thing that Jeff's company uses for their displays. Like it.

9:34 AM  
Blogger LA said...

Edit - My brother and SIL have had this one for about a year:

They like it so much that they bought a smaller version for their bedroom for Christmas. It has a spectacular picture.

10:45 AM  
Blogger Diane said...

la - that looks like a great tv . . .

edit - I may be buying a new laptop before year end for the same reason . . .

7:21 PM  

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