Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Poor Wally's eye doesn't seem to be getting better. I thought it was at least not getting worse, but now it looks pretty bad. He has another appointment tomorrow to see the same vet, and if they don't have a better idea of what's wrong with him, I'm going to take him to see an eye specialist. That's right...an eye specialist for my dog.

The weather has finally turned nice again and it's hard to believe that just Sunday I lit a fire in my fireplace. It's supposed to hit 95 again by Friday, then cool off to the low 70s by this time next week. What the hell? At least the nice weather today motivated me to run for the first time in forever. It was warm, but not hot with a nice breeze blowing. I didn't bother to time how long it took me to run 3 miles, but I think I'm lagging around a 12 minute mile. I'd like to start running regularly again, as I had goals for this year of running more 5ks and at least one 10k and I haven't done any of that so far. Well...a little over half a year left to go.

Well, we still don't have a cure for cancer or AIDS, but at least we have a robot that can conduct a symphony orchestra. ASIMO, designed by Honda Motor Company, conducted the Detroit Symphony Orchestra in a performance of "The Impossible Dream" from "Man of La Mancha." In the process, the 4 foot 3 inch tall white robot "perfectly mimicked the actions of a conductor, nodding its head at various sections and gesturing with one or both hands." I can only hope a robot like this can someday replace relics like my old music teacher who was so temperamental he often yelled at students and threw music stands and coffee mugs against the walls.


Blogger LA said...

What did the vet say, Edit? Poor Wally. :(

4:38 PM  
Blogger VirtualProducer said...

let's see, what music teacher did we know that did that? hmmmm... :-)

1:09 PM  

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