Sunday, August 17, 2008

I haven't written much about my co-ed league hockey team much this summer (or men's league - I've only seen one other female in our division). After winning 3 championships in 4 seasons, we finally moved up a division like we wanted. The division has been much more competitive, but we managed to do fairly well. Most divisions top out around 8 or 9 teams, but due to teams moving around, our division has grown to 13 teams. At the beginning of the summer, we thought it might be nice if we finished in the top 8 so that we could advance to the post season. We finished first, losing only 2 of 16 games. We had our first playoff game tonight and won 8-5. We have another playoff game on Wednesday, and if we win, we advance to the championship game again. Wish us luck!


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Go Red Menace!

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