Sunday, October 26, 2008

I played hockey last night and am I glad I showed up because we only had 8 skaters, including me. Luckily we were a) playing a really crappy team, and b) they had less players than we did. The final score was (I think) 10-1 us. I had four points - 2 goals, 2 assists, so I was pretty happy with the game. My sister was there to see me play for the first time ever, so at least I looked good!

Today has been a pretty lazy Sunday. I did a little work at home earlier to try to get a head start on the week, then finished catching up on the rest of my Tivo. Has anyone been watching E.R. this season? Have you noticed that it's pretty much a constant cry fest? Jeez...I like that show, but it's becoming exhausting to watch. I think this is the last season, and they've been saying good-bye to lots of characters. Sad, sad, sad. Still a great show.

On the down side, Wally has thrown up three times since last night. I'm not sure what made his stomach so upset, but I know I'm tired of mopping up dog vomit. Poor little guy. Time for some Pepcid!


Blogger LA said...

Well? Did you watch the Mad Man finale?


Needless to say, I loved it, especially the big meeting in the conference room.

(This is a spoiler-free comment, just in case.)

12:27 PM  
Blogger EditThis said...

I haven't watched it yet so thanks for not spoiling it!!

12:34 PM  

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