Saturday, October 18, 2008

Wow, am I tired. With visitors here, I'm sleeping in my office on the futon. It's comfortable enough, but Wally was upset that the door to the master bedroom was closed and he spent a lot of time whining during the night, which kept waking me up. He didn't actually want or need to be IN the master bedroom, he just doesn't like closed doors.

My aunt's husband likes architecture, especially Craftsman style, so we already had plans to visit the Gamble House here in Pasadena, built by Greene and Greene. Before we went there, we headed over to the Huntington Gardens which happened to have a Greene and Greene exhibit opening today. Not only did we get to tour the Gamble House, we got to see a lot of furniture the Greene's had designed for their homes up close and personal, more so than you get to see when touring the house. If you haven't been to the Gamble House, it's definitely worth the $10 admission. It's easy enough to appreciate the design of the home itself, but when you realize that everything in the home, from the furniture to the light fixtures, the heating grates to the carpets and curtains were designed by the Greenes themselves, it's really incredible.


Blogger LA said...

I can't believe I've lived in this town 32 years and have never toured Gamble House.

Yeah, company is tiring for sure. Hang in there!

5:27 PM  

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