Saturday, November 01, 2008

Tonight, a friend and I went to the Shipwreck at the Queen Mary. For those of you not in the area, it's sort of like a giant haunted house thing they put on every year. The Queen Mary is already known for being haunted, which makes it that much more creepy. There were 6 mazes we went through which were dark and filled with smoke and strobe lights. People dressed in creepy costumes jumped out of the dark at us, snuck up on us, and used every means you can think of to startle us. I'd never been to anything like it so I didn't know what to expect, which is probably why the first maze scared me the most. Well, not really scared, but I got quite startled. Some of the mazes are even on the ship and one winds through the boiler room. I think that one was the coolest. I also liked the one where we had to wear 3D glasses through the maze. I haven't laughed so hard in a long time and I sometimes even found the scary ghouls laughing at me because of how much I startled. I'm definitely going again next year!


Blogger Kings Fan said...

I haven't been to that particular one, but I've been to plenty of those mazes where they try to scare you. Most memorable moment for me was when someone jumped out and try to scare my date and I reacted by punching him in the chest. Needless to say, I was escorted out of the maze. Hey... it was just a reflex. I don't go to them anymore.

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