Friday, March 23, 2007

Friday at last. I look forward to a blissfully long sleep tonight and awakening without an alarm tomorrow morning. Unfortunately, I feel like I'm getting a chest cold, so I think I'll just try to stay at home and chill as much as I can. Other than the championship hockey game.

I was thinking as I drove in this morning about how much I'd like to get a new television. You would think, considering what I do for a living, that I would have a nice, big, flat screen plasma HD TV at home, but I don't. I have a decent television that is about 32" (or as my friend, John, would describe it, horribly small). It really doesn't bother me, and it works fine. The thing about buying a new HD television is that it's not just the cost of the TV. You have to buy a new HD satellite system, etc. I'm just not up for it. And to be honest, right now, I don't see the point. I totally get HD, but I don't think that the clarity of the picture is going to make anything I watch that much better. I like to watch things to enjoy the story being told, and HD won't change the directing, the acting, and certainly not the script. I'd rather spend the 5 grand on traveling.

The song for the day is "One Simple Thing" from The Stabilizers off their first and only album, Tyranny, released in 1986. The Stabilizers, a guitar/synth duo, came from Pennsylvania and charted with this song. The video was directed by David Fincher, who would go on to direct Se7en and Fight Club.


Blogger Diane said...

Every one seems to be catching a bug - for me it was a 4 day sinus headache this week . . . my best tv is a 27 inch Mitsubishi . . . I have looked a bit into a plasmas flat screen HDTV ever since I watched a football game in hi def - it was pretty amazing. The prices now are getting into the range I can justify spending, but for me, there are just too many choices to make, so I keep delaying . . . I think it may be worth it for sports and movies, but I can't honestly say I think it would make a difference for network tv

Good luck with the game!

10:41 AM  
Blogger GetFlix said...

I am glad I am not the only one that's not buying into the flat screen craze. The detail is amazing, but the prices are not. Especially if you are looking at true high-def.

But eventually the prices will drop even more.

8:25 PM  

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