Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Holy cow! It's after 11pm and I just realized I haven't blogged yet! Since I worked late last night, I woke up late, then had to run to the pet store to pick up supplies for battling the fleas. Finally, I got to rush off to the dentists office where I had to get three fillings! That's right - three, after not having one in years. There's nothing I like better than laying down in the middle of the day, reclined in a dentist's chair, with a super long needle shoved back into my jaw so that my mouth will turn numb so someone can shove their fingers and a loud, smoking drill in there. Who wouldn't like that? You would think that in the year 2007, they could have invented a drill that didn't sound so much like a...well...a drill. Ugh - I hate that sound. I end up laying there the whole time with my muscles tensed just waiting for it to get over. And why is there so much drilling going on anyway? It seems like they're causing much more damage than the original cavity. But what do I know? I'm just the patient.
Thumb report: Still throbbing
Flea report: Still living
Wally report: Still itching
The song of the day is "Big In Japan" by Alphaville off their 1984 debut album Forever Young. I've always found myself bopping along, mouthing the words to this song, but never fully understanding what it's about. Anyone have an idea?

Winter's cityside
Crystal bits of snowflakes

All around my head and in the wind

I had no illusions

That I'd ever find a glimpse

Of summer's heatwaves in your eyes

You did what you did to me

Now it's history, I see

Here's my comeback on the road again

Things will happen while they can

I will wait here for my man tonight

It's easy when you're big in Japan

Aah when you're big in Japan-tonight...

Big in Japan-be-tight...

Big in Japan...ooh the eastern sea's so blue

Big in Japan-alright

Pay! - Then I'll sleep by your side

Things are easy when you're big in Japan

Oh when you're big in Japan


Blogger Diane said...

Dentistry is the one medical field that has not evolved in 150 years. I've had the unfortunate experience of having a tooth pulled a couple of times - you might as well hire Doc Holliday - it's pretty much the same technique - a pair of pliers and a knee on your chest

7:25 AM  
Anonymous Jen said...

geeze! I wake up thinking I need to schedule my summer dentist appointment and this is what I get?? Now how and I supposed to do it? LOL@watching the Ringer. My 10 year old loved it! Juvenile humor. I hurt my knee playing soccer and I have laying on the couch watching HGtv. Haven't seen your show but have seen some promos. I like Curb Appeal and House Hunetrs. It is my 10 year olds favorite channel next to Disney- they need a home make over show with Hannah Montana.

8:00 AM  
Blogger Kelly J. Compeau said...

Damn, you're having a rough week!

8:59 AM  
Blogger Kings Fan said...

I guess since I've had a lot of dental work done over the years, I've gotten used to the sounds and smells of a dentist office. Not much freaks me out anymore, but I had to go through it to get over it. But yes, when they say they're done, that's the best feeling of all.

Like Alphaville and just saw that video on 120 Minutes the other day on VH1 Classic.

You mentioned a while back how much you liked The Alarm. Well, I had a chance to see them in concert last night at the OC Fair and they were awesome. Had a great deal of energy and it was a shame they opened and the place wasn't full yet. The Fixx had a good set and then the Psychedelic Furs closed it out. Went from high energy to mellow at the end. Next up... TFF on the 29th.

11:28 AM  

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