Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Working extra days to cover for the holiday has me totally lost as to what day of the week it is. Sorry it's late, but happy Wally Wednesday! Here he is kicking it on the stair landing, one of his favorite places. It's cool and out of the way, and he gets a nice vantage point of my whole lower level.

Up until the point that I got involved in kickboxing, I was under the impression that I was in fairly decent shape. Not great shape, but not bad shape either. Now I know I am in horrible shape. I took my first kickboxing class today, and it was exhausting. I've always done lower body sports (soccer and hockey) so I have reasonably strong legs, but my upper body, especially my arms, are about as strong as Tyrannosaurus Rex's. Kicking - good. Punching - bad. It was about midway through the class that my arms felt as if they might fall off, and I wasn't sure if that would happen before or after I passed out. After 45 minutes of practically non-stop combination drills on the bags, we did about 5 minutes of non-stop ab work. When I say "we" I pretty much mean the rest of the class because after the first minute of crunches, my abs pretty much just quit working. I can't imagine ever being in good enough shape to get through the entire class without feeling like I'm going to die, but that's my goal. Wish me luck!

Here's a hilarious video I saw on another blog. It's the "Unaired 1994 Pilot of 24." Imagine Jack Bauer with a pager and dial up access to AOL 3.0. It's hard to believe this really wasn't that long ago.

The song of the day is "Detachable Penis" by King Missile off their 1993 album Happy Hour. When I moved to Los Angeles in early 1994, I quickly latched on to KROQ as my station of choice, and was always impressed by how different the music on the radio here was compared to what they played in Portland. At the time, Portland only had one Alt Rock station and it was AM. I certainly would have never heard this song there. The first time I heard it I couldn't stop laughing at the humorous lyrics and off the wall story telling. If you're not familiar with the song, check it out:


Blogger Kings Fan said...

Very funny video. Takes me back to a place and time when all of that was so true. My, how times have changed. Oh dang, the cassette is done and I need to turn it over.

King Missile - funny ass song. I can't walk by a yard sale and wonder of I'll find someone's penis on sale.

2:19 PM  
Blogger Diane said...

great song! and good luck with the workouts . . .

3:14 PM  
Blogger Diane said...

Thanks for adding the Wally pic!

7:11 AM  

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