Saturday, November 10, 2007

Yesterday, my aunt sent me a link to an article in the Idaho Statesman. My cousin, Dana, is a firefighter in Boise and made the news. Yeah, my little cousin (who is really only a couple of years younger than me) has grown up to be a big strong fireman. I thought you would all enjoy the story and the photos. How cool is my cousin?

From the Statesman: Boise firefighter Dana Brown carries a cat Friday morning after it was found inside an apartment in the 3100 block of Esquire Drive in Boise. It was one of two cats rescued by fire fighters Friday. Brown later resuscitated the animal with the help of a special attachment called a SurgiVet. "This is my first cat rescue," said Brown, an 11-year veteran of the department.

The song of the day is "Sex and Candy" by Marcy Playground off their 1997 self-titled debut album. I think this band was pretty much a one hit wonder, but it was a good one hit. This song always reminds me of a week I spent in Toronto soon after the song was released. I didn't realize until I looked up the band on Wikipedia that they were from Washington (my home state) and heavily influenced by Nirvana. It would be hard to be from that region at that time and NOT be influenced by Nirvana. Band leader John Wozniak also briefly attended the same college I briefly attended - The Evergreen State College, whose most famous alumni is Simpsons creator Matt Groening. I remember the bookstore had a section for alumni writers, and there amongst books on the environment, politics and history were collections of Life In Hell.


Blogger Diane said...

Your cousin rocks! Great story, and good for him and what a lucky cat to have Dana as the firefighter that found it . . .

Good song choice too - a great post all around!

4:01 PM  
Blogger LA said...

OMG, I love your cousin Dana. Those pictures are just too sweet. It must be very gratifying to save a life.

3:49 PM  
Blogger M-M-M-Mishy said...

First, very cool story.

Second, I'm just going to say it. Your cousin is a dreamboat! ~drool~

4:09 PM  
Blogger Kings Fan said...

Your cousin is cool for doing what he did to save the cat. Tell him we're all proud of him and how he represents firefighters.

4:55 PM  
Blogger Aida said...

Your cousin just rocks!!

12:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Would you believe that this story is still making the rounds? It is currently the profile picture for this Facebook page;!/pages/Real-Men-are-Kind-to-Animals/199905080358

2:25 PM  
Anonymous Danit said...

Amazing!!! I wish all people were like your cousin.

7:18 AM  
Blogger Charlene said...

Me and my daughters have wanted to send this firefighter a letter of gratitude for a long time. So far this is as close as we have come! We are going to keep trying!

7:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

omg! That fire fighter Dana is a handsome hero! He's hot as well :) Such a lucky cute cat, rescued by stalwart hunk <3

11:36 AM  
Blogger Alilrebelchick (Tina) said...

How amazing is that?

6:11 PM  
Anonymous Eva said...

YOU ROCK DANA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..he kittie looks scared.But now is happy..You go Dana!!!!!!

6:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There's a special place in my heart for people who help animals. God bless you, Dana!!! :)

7:16 PM  
Blogger Jayne Harper said...

Great fireman, a hero, for animals and people. Thanks Dana for saving the kitty cats. That kitty is thanking you with his/her eyes.

7:39 PM  
Blogger dc said...

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11:14 PM  
Blogger dc said...

Problem with cats is they are already scared by the smoke alarm or other noises and smoke, then we would arrived in turn out gear and breathing apparatus the the little guys freakout. I would usually try and just open a window or door enough for them to escape. There is the possibility that they will run and get lost, but better than dying of smoke inhalation. This was a great job finding and reviving this cat with the 02.

11:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Goody :

Bonjour Dana!
I am a french tabby-guy and i wave my paw to you across the atlantic ocean!

You are my hero!
We are grateful for your help!
Bless you!

1:40 AM  
Blogger richard crowley said...

look at the kitty's eyes in the last photo, the expression in them says it all.

2:30 AM  
Blogger Fran said...

How wonderful saving this cat. Very heart warming story.

8:14 AM  
Anonymous Cathie said...

I think this man is a hero. A lot of people would feel that the cats would make it out on their own, but he took the time to save them makes him a hero in my book.

8:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow what an amazi story!!! Your cousin it a great hero man and a kind hearted man. Please give our thanks to him and his fellow firemen.

11:30 PM  
Blogger Sue Hutchings said...

Thank you, sir!!

6:20 PM  
Blogger Tajicat's Cat Show said...

thanks to wonderful kind people like u are ba hero to people like u \

pleas if u can keep this cat hope all your dreams come tru..this put tears in my eyes bless you

11:12 PM  
Anonymous Ginger Di Zio said...

If he's single, I'll marry him.

The look that kitty is giving him melts my heart every single time.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

7:09 AM  
Anonymous Marsha Hentzel said...

Awesome, amazing hero and a very heart touching, beautiful photo ♥

9:24 PM  

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