Wednesday, December 12, 2007

How the hell am I supposed to get out of bed in the morning when it's cold and I have this big dog cuddled up next to me? Since it's colder in the house, Wally has taken to sleeping on the bed for the entire night, which he never does when it's warm out. The upside? A nice warm dog to keep me cozy. The down side? It is super hard to get out of bed.

While I was in line at the grocery store today, I noticed the little Asian guy behind me who was on wife duty - he'd been sent to the store to get a box of maxi pads. I could tell he'd been specifically sent because for one thing, it was one of only two things he was buying. The second tip off was the coupon that he had with him for said product. I was amused to see that the camouflage item he'd put next to the box of pads in order to try to disguise what he was actually there for was a giant jar of salsa. Those two items were all he had. I wonder what he had planned?

Despite the fact that my "a" key seems to be dying on my laptop and I have to keep backing up and hitting it again, I was having a pretty good day off. Until I accidentally drove over my $100 sunglasses. Don't ask. I'm one of those people who really doesn't do well without sunglasses. Unless it's dark, I usually have them on. My eyes have always been very sensitive to glare, even on cloudy days, and I feel naked when I don't have a pair to drive with. I used to be really good with glasses and might have a pair for a couple of years before losing or breaking them. However, this was the second pair in a year. I am not pleased to have to go out and buy another pair. Thankfully, I have new goggles to wear while snowboarding tomorrow. Yippee!


Blogger Diane said...

My house has been freezing! But I bought a down comforter last weekend so now I am cozy . . . though it is nice to have Noodles under the covers.

7:18 PM  
Blogger Kelly J. Compeau said...

$100 sunglasses? You know, Tiff, the $15 pair work just as well -- and you won't feel like killing yourself when you lose them or crush them.

Wally looks so adorable in this pic, I just wanted to snuggle up and give 'em a big hug.


9:02 AM  
Blogger LA said...

The juxtaposition of maxipads and salsa was a LOL moment for me.

It's been freaking freezing, and my cats are glued to me in the morning.

Sorry about your sunglasses. I'm the same way... I have to have them. And I'm sorry, but I gotta disagree with you, KJC - Good sunglasses with good UV protection lenses are well worth the price.

12:20 PM  
Anonymous Kathryn said...

LOL Maxi-Pad guy!

8:08 AM  

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