Saturday, December 22, 2007

There is no rest for the weary right before the holidays. Even though everyone else at the company I work at gleefully left work last night to head into their two week holiday, because of my wanky work schedule, I am stuck here today and tomorrow. As you can imagine, it's a little hard to be motivated right now and I find I'm working at a snail's pace.

I had dinner with good friends last night and it was good to see them before the holiday. I agreed to go to kickboxing this morning with Dani since I keep blowing it off with the holiday and wanted to get in at least once before I head out of town. Getting to work out together was great, but unfortunately, I didn't get into work until 12:30. This day feels like it's lasting forever.

I seem to have a million things to do before I leave town. Working this weekend is not helping. A friend's blues band is in town tonight playing in Burbank and I really want to go by and say hello and listen to him play, but it's just not going to happen. I'm also supposed to go to an industry party tomorrow night. It's a great party I go to every year, but I think this time, I'll have to get in and get out in about an hour so I can take care of things at home before catching a plane on Monday. Don't even get me started on what LAX is going to be like on Christmas Eve.

I hope everyone else is having a more relaxing time heading into the holidays, instead of running near full speed, as I am. Is it just me, or has Christmas really snuck up this year?


Blogger dnetrunner said...

I agree, Christmas has toally snuck up. It seems like it does every year...

Can't wait to see you :)

10:19 PM  
Blogger LA said...

Like you, I, too, am working at a snail's pace today.

I've been going nonstop for about three weeks now. I'm dead tired, but mom is here until Thursday, so I won't get a break until then. Travel safely tomorrow.

12:38 PM  
Blogger NY KAT said...

Good luck with traveling tomorrow...hopefully everything will go smoothly!

3:02 PM  

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