Wednesday, April 09, 2008

I've done basically nothing of interest today other than go out to dinner with some friends that I hadn't seen in a very long time. It's always good to catch up with people. I also managed to make it over to the hospital to visit my neighbors, Kat and Jeff and new baby boy Wesley Roberts. I now have photos to share.

Here's daddy Jeff and little Wesley:

Big sister Sofie and little brother Wesley:

And finally, mommy Kat, Wesley, and Sofie. Mom and baby should be home by the end of the week. That little boy is cute! (But...I still prefer Labradors. Sorry, guys).


Blogger LA said...

Cute family. And I agree that a Labrador always adds beauty and charm to any family.

7:56 AM  
Blogger Diane said...

Cute baby and I LOVE Sofie's shades!

11:00 AM  

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