Thursday, September 13, 2007

You ever have one of those days where you think you have an easy day coming up at work, and then you arrive to find you were sadly mistaken? That's how my day started off. Today is my Monday, but when I had last left off at work, I was in the middle of a couple of days of digitizing for a new show. In layman's terms, it means I had not much to do - the computer would do all the work for me. I came in this morning with a skip in my step, a book under my arm, ready to call up KROQ on the internet to actually listen to K&B's whole show...when I discovered waiting for me two days of notes from a show I had done a few weeks ago. Snap! So much for a lazy day.

And then my headache, which I've had for most of the past 4 days, returned in full force. About every 6 weeks, I get a headache that lasts a few days, a stress headache where, if I stand up too suddenly, it feels as if my head is going to explode. The stress headache aspirin I took isn't working. To add to that, my neighbor is out front clapping for her cat. Yes, you read that right. She calls for her cat, and claps for him the whole time. It's super annoying when she can't find the cat, because she walks up and down in front of our apartments, sometimes for as long as 20-30 minutes, clapping loudly and calling for Calvin. This sometimes happens at 9 o'clock on a week night. Perhaps even Calvin doesn't want to go home.

The song of the day is "It's a Shame About Ray" by The Lemonheads off their 1992 album of the same name. For those of you unfamiliar with the band, you really should check them out. They're an alternative band from Los Angeles, and this record is full of catchy 2:00 songs. It also includes a cool remake of "Mrs. Robinson." I must say, I admire Rhino records for not only putting the video on YouTube, but allowing us to embed it elsewhere, something Universal Music (annoyingly) does NOT do).


Anonymous Anonymous said...

could be a migraine. do you see flashes of light and are really sensetive to light? i use imitrex and if it is real bad i have to have a toradol shot.

9:21 PM  
Blogger VirtualProducer said...

If it is stress maybe you could do yoga at home to relax..

That new room would make a nice meditation room :-)

Hope you feel better.

11:16 PM  
Blogger NB said...

Try a shot of caffiene ( coke or strong coffee ) with your headache medicine. It has helped even with a migrane.

8:13 AM  
Blogger dnetrunner said...

I recommend Excedrine, it has worked the best for me, and doesn't knock me out like the prescriptions I've tried. It's an asprin, acetaminephen and caffeine coctail. Take them w/ food though.

9:17 AM  
Blogger Diane said...

I've been working my tail off and get to work only to have the bitchiest secretary - who I will now do my best to get fired - snap at me - claiming I was short with her as she was asking questions that could all be answered if she actually looked at the stuff I gave her to do . . .

She is now my sworn enemy

11:26 AM  

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