Sunday, December 16, 2007

Singer/songwriter Dan Fogelberg died today after a battle with prostate cancer. He was only 56-years-old. Fogelberg was never really my style, but it saddens me to hear of his passing, especially at this time of year. One of my favorite holiday songs is his "Same Auld Lang Syne," inspired by a meeting with an old girlfriend at the grocery store on Christmas day after seeing a performance of the 1812 Overture with his mother. (Listen to the melody of the lyrics of the first few lines, and you'll hear the similarity).

I had an 11:15pm hockey game last night. That's when you know you're really dedicated, by the way. Before our last game, we had been undefeated, but we lost to a team we were tied for first with. The team we played last night was also at the top of the standings. In fact, they team we lost to has lost to them twice already this season. It was an important game and we expected them to come out strong. Unfortunately, one problem with having games during the holiday season is that everyone is busy with parties or out of town. We had only 6 skaters confirmed and a substitute goalie. Thankfully, 3 other guys showed up at the last minute, so we had nearly two lines. Also fortunately, the other team's bench was shorter than ours. For the first three goals, every time we'd score, they'd score within a minute or two of us. It was really frustrating. Finally, fatigue began to set in with them and their goalie got tired, giving up the game to us 9-5. It was a good way to end the last game of the 2007 year. We'll be back in January looking for more wins.


Blogger LA said...

I was stunned to hear about Dan Fogelberg, too. A college friend of mine LOVED him, she'll be crushed. Especially sorry to hear he died so young.

Congrats to the Red Menace!

10:18 PM  
Blogger Rick Bylina said...

His "Same Auld Lang Syne" will be even more bittersweet each time I hear it from now on. I thoroughly enjoyed his music.

Yo! Edithis (very unusual name. Is it a family name?) How goes the novel? If you're stuck for ideas, just stop by my blog. I give them away all the time under "Steal this idea". Hope the strike isn't affecting you too greatly.

6:03 AM  

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